Xinwei Shen (沈欣炜)


Ph.D., Assistant Prof. & Principle Investigator
Senior Member, IEEE
Institute for Ocean Engineering (IOE) / Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI)
Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS)
Tsinghua University
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Students, Research Assitant & Postdoc (招生与博士后)
I am always looking for outstanding young talents to join my research group.

  • Currently I've been actively (co-) advising graduate students with Professors at IOE / TBSI, SIGS. Please check out the graduates’ program for master (SIGS) (2024 fall) and Ph.D (2024 fall).

  • Several Post-Doc Positions are available. The salary package is Negotiable, but defnitely >= ¥350k per year(pre-tax) including subsids from Shenzhen Goverment.

  • Some Research Assistant(RA) positions are also available. We'll provide living expenses for qualified candidates.

  • Visiting Scholars from other universities are also welcome.

Please send your CV to me if interested.

Research Interests

My research group and I mainly focus on optimization for energy systems, including following research topics:

  • Power system, especially Active Distribution Network / System

  • Energy Internet

  • Energy Storage System

  • Integrated Energy System

  • Data-driven Smart Grid

  • Offshore Renewable Energy

Recent News

  • 2023-08-17, Congrats to Zhimeng! Our paper titled “A Robust Planning Model for Offshore Microgrid Considering Tidal Power and Desalination” has been accepted and available on Applied Energy!

  • 2023-07-29, Congrats to Fumin! Our paper titled “Benefit Analysis of Park-level Integrated Energy System Transformation Planning Based on Electricity Substitution” has been selected as the best student paper of The 5th International conference on Power and Energy Technology (ICPET 2023)! [JPG]

  • 2023-07-27, Thanks to the efforts of Fumin Chen(陈福民), Ang Xuan(轩昂), Zhen Wang(王镇), Zhimeng Wang(王稚萌), Daimeng Li(李代猛), Zheng Liang(梁正) et al, the research project funded by CSG, “Energy Efficiency Data Mining Tech. for Multi-energy Park Planning”, has passed the final exam and praised by the paticipating experts!

  • 2023-07-20, It's my great honor to receive the pretegious “IEEE PES Tech Council Young Professionals Award” at PES GM 2023 [See Tsinghua News in Chinese and in English ] ! Thanks for the recognition from PES Tech Council!

  • 2023-04-26, Congrats to Zuxun! Our paper titled “Stochastic planning for low-carbon building integrated energy system considering electric-heat-V2G coupling” has been available on International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems (IJEPES)!

  • 2023-04-15, Our paper titled “A Smart Switch Configuration and Reliability Assessment Method for Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farm Electrical Collector System” is avaliable on arXiv!

  • 2023-03-14, Our paper titled “A Linear Distflow Model with Line Shunts [Preprint]” has been submitted to IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems!

  • 2023-02-26, Our application for Guangdong Basic Applied Joint Funding for Offshore Wind Power (基础与应用基础海上风电联合基金), titled "Research on High-Reliability Planning for Electric Collection Systems in Offshore Wind Farm with Multiple Substations” (海上风电场多站集电系统高可靠性规划方法研究) has been approved! Thanks for Xiaochi Ding(丁骁驰)'s efforts in this process.

  • 2023-02-07, Congrats to Prof. Yixun Xue! Our paper titled “Coordinated Planning of Integrated Electric and Heating System Considering the Optimal Reconfiguration of District Heating Network” has been published in IEEE Trans. on Power Systems!

  • 2023-02-02, My paper titled “Optimal Planning for Electrical Collector System of Offshore Wind Farm with Double-sided Ring Topology” has been published in IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy!

  • 2022-12-30, Warmly welcome Dr. Naghmash Ali to join my group as new post-doc research fellow!

  • 2022-12-16, Congrats to Xiaowen Wang and Prof. Yinliang Xu! Our paper titled “Distribution Network Expansion Planning Approach for Large Scale Electric Vehicles Accommodation” has been accepted by IEEE Trans. on Sustainable Energy! [Online]

  • 2022-12-07, the interim report on my Youth Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Research on Data-driven planning method for Integrated Energy Distribution System considering multiple energy storage”, was presented at the annual meeting held by EE dept. of NSFC ! Thanks to the efforts of Ang Xuan(轩昂), Zhen Wang(王镇), Yongheng Wang(王永恒), Haizhou Liu(刘海舟), Yunfei Du(杜云飞) et al in this research project.

  • 2022-07-14, Congrats to Haizhou! Our paper titled “A Hybrid Federated Learning Framework with Dynamic Task Allocation for Multi-Party Distributed Load Prediction” has been accepted by IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid! [Online]

  • 2022-10-02, I am honored to be selected to join the Applied Energy's Young Editorial Board (APEN YEB) (JCR Q1 journal)!


Tel: +86-0755-26401702
Email: xwshen AT, sxw.tbsi AT
Office Address: Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518055, China