• 2013 - present, IEEE Member (Senior Member since 2021), IEEE PES/Ocean Engineering Society Member

  • 2014 - present, Reviewer for IEEE Trans. on Power Systems/Smart Grid/Sustainable Energy, IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution/Renewable Power Generation, Applied Energy et al.

  • 2018.08 - present, Member of Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering (CSEE)

  • 2018.08 - present, Member of IEEE PES Working Group on Low Carbon Energy System Transition/Demand Response

  • 2019.01 - 2020.06, Member of Working Group on Industry Standard about “Grid-scale Energy Storage System for peak load shaving and frequency control” for China Electricity Council

  • 2020.09 - present, Co-chair of IEEE PES Working Group on Integrated Energy System/Multi-Energy Network Modeling and Planning

  • 2020.12 - present, Senior Member of Chinese Electrotechnical Society (CES)

  • 2022.03 - present, Associate Editor for CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems [Link] (CSEE JPES, JCR Q1 journal)

  • 2022.10 - present, Young Editorial Board (YEB) Member for Applied Energy [Link] (JCR Q1 journal)


  • 2021.12 - 2023.11, Leader of graduate working group (研究生工作组组长) at IOE, SIGS, Tsinghua University.

  • 2023.05 - present, vice director of students’ affairs office (学生工作办公室副主任) at SIGS, Tsinghua University.